2013 C. Phil Brunson

My mind is working against me and will not abate.
My only peace is the few hours of sleep, so exhausted.
I feel useless, powerless, and I am irate.
Who can I turn to, to find resolution and eased?

Fear is running rampaid, in my heart, has a big weight,
My chest is hurting and life is under an eclipsed.
I am running, heading no where, trapped like an inmate.
Where can I go, to find away, to get this weight lanced?

I know this is temporary, the future looks great,
I know that there is a path, that will be electrified.
My fears will be relieved, like a bulging dam floodgate,
My mind will be quieted and unwanted thoughts, will be evicted.

Granted the serenity, to take the time to deflate.
Knowing the things, I cannot change, feeling empowered,
Courage to make the changes I can, my life feels great,
And the wisdom to know the difference, to embraced.

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