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My Ox

2012 C. Phil Brunson

My ox is patience, slow, and stubborn,
My ox has a life of it’s own, and is not still born.

My ox can endure the lonely times,
My ox looks for the happier times.

My ox endures even in time of scorn.

First Kiss

2013 C. Phil Brunson

The anticipation of that first kiss
Twenty years coming, and moments away
Looking into your bright blue eyes, weakness

We’re slowly moving closer, the boldness
Desire and wanting, intense foreplay
The anticipation of that first kiss

Touch to the knee, like shocks from jellyfish
Your gentle hand, on my chest, I’m breathless
Looking into your bright blue eye, weakness

Your smile, and beauty, makes me speechless
Leaning over, wishing to stay all day
The anticipation of that first kiss

Passion building, the moment is timeless
Wanting, wishing, for this to never fray
Looking into your bright blue eyes, weakness

The kiss, soft, slow, and long, the enchantress
Longing for more, never ending someday
The anticipation of that first kiss
Looking into your bright blue eyes, weakness


2013 C. Phil Brunson

Everywhere I look, you are there,
Even in my minds eye.

Your face is like a snare,
I gladly stay for a lifetime.

For I know I am in your tender loving care.


2013 C. Phil Brunson

I came to a realization today,
A feeling that I cannot disobey,
That the single item, I most treasure,
Is the friendship we have together.

So now without any further delay,
From this moment forth, I want to convey,
That no matter if there is a fissure,
That our friendship has been a great pleasure.

Not to overstep, I hope this is okay,
Since I believe that there is no halfway,
So lets get started on this endeavor,
And find some trouble and misadventures.

Dreaming of travels in the Milky way,
Watching a new performance on Broadway,
Or unexpected trip to Helvetia,
Because our friendship is a treasure.


2012 C. Phil Brunson

To the intruder of my heart,
Be kind and do not pick apart.

Your presence is warming,
Settling and transforming.

Comfortable, calming, and do not want, to be apart.


2013 C. Phil Brunson

Day is winding down, kids are all asleep
Time for you to lay down, and count some sheep
It’s time to release, all the days drama
As you dream, may your knight in shining armor

Help you find peace, and ease all your fatigues
May you be forgiven, of your misdeeds
As you and your knight, escape and withdrawal
For fun, and to explore the waterfall

Time is now, to sit, relax, and snuggle
May you have a watchful, guardian angel
Watch over you, while you sleep, and each day
As you, and the kids, spend each day, at play

You my dear, have a wonderful goodnight
As you, slowly slumber into delight


2013 C. Phil Brunson

Mind racing, I cannot think clearly,
Body restless, as I’m growing anxious,
My waking day, consumed by jealousy,
Turning my emotions, into darkness.

Current thoughts and feelings, are unfriendly,
This path tends to be disastrous,
Without you in my life, I feel empty,
Fueling this feeling of empty numbness.

Not for the love that he thinks, he has daily,
But for the endless joy, of your closeness,
I would provide a cause to laugh loudly,
A night of joy and fun, that is tearless.

The thoughts overwhelming jealousy,
Unchecked, is driving me into bleakness,
The loss of your friendship would be costly,
This is my God, and I am not faithless.

Why Did I Cheat

2013 C. Phil Brunson

Why did I have to cheat?
I thought I was in for a treat.

But the grass was not greener on the other side.
My happiness was denied.

I will now get my coffee from the elite.


2013 C. Phil Brunson

The anger I feel, is unmeasurable
My first thoughts, and feelings, are criminal
The actions described, are inexcusable
To be repaid, in the great infernal

Do I relieve myself, of this feeling
How can I, follow, let go and let God
When a close friend, is not in safe keeping
When all I want is to have a jihad

Can I stand aside when they are in harms way
Pains my heart, I cannot relieve the pain
That I am helpless, being so faraway
Thou sometime, it can drive me insane

I am torn with letting God do his will
But if not released, it will make me ill

Detach with Love

2012 C. Phil Brunson

Do not believe, I do this without love,
The hardest part, is for me to detach,
For me to start healing, is to forgive.

When the time to call enough is enough,
Now is not the time for us to rehash,
Do not believe, I do this without love.

The near future is going to be tough,
Emotions building like an avalanche,
For me to start healing, is to forgive.

Life is like, going thru a labyrinth,
Trying not to find emotions to stash,
Do not believe, I do this without love.

I learned, happiness is not a myth,
I learned, how to handle any clash,
For me to start healing, is to forgive.

As I slowly move away from the cliff,
I learn to live life without a catch,
Do not believe, I do this without love,
For me to start healing, is to forgive.

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